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Age of Empires : Rise of Rome

The Age of Empires Expansion: The Rise of Rome is the highly anticipated add-on to the award-winning, best-selling real-time strategy game Age of Empires. Focusing on the legendary Roman Empire, the Rise of Rome will challenge veterans and novices alike to wage war on an epic scale with four additional civilizations, several unique units, new technologies, and new campaigns, including the showcase campaign that focuses on the Rise of Rome itself.

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Age of Empires II The Conquerors

It's a suitably excellent expansion to what remains one of the best real-time strategy games to date.

Five new civilizations, new wonders, new unique units, new multiplayer options, and gameplay tweaks make The Conquerors more than your typical expansion pack. It's almost a full sequel. If you liked Age of Empires 2, you'll love The Conquerors.

Players can defend Spain as El Cid, rage across Europe as Attila the Hun, or fight to preserve an ancient way of life as Montezuma in new campaigns that extend the single-player experience. Plenty of toys are available to each civilization, including new technologies such as Chinese rocketry and British yeomen. But none of the new technologies or units unbalance the game. In fact, many of the units from AoE2 have been altered in response to gamer feedback so no one unit or civilization has an overwhelming advantage.

Those who hated micromanaging their towns in Age of Empires 2 will appreciate the adjustments made to villager artificial intelligence. You can order several villagers to work a group of farm plots, and they'll automatically divvy up the labor. You no longer have to manually assign one peon to each individual plot. The same applies to mines: tell a villager to build a mine, and he'll automatically start hauling ore once construction is complete.

- Wage war on an epic scale, in completely new civilizations – the Aztecs, Koreans, Huns, Spanish & Mayans
- Work with new units and technologies, running campaigns based on those of history’s great military leaders like Attila The Hun and Montezuma
- The new linear campaigns comprise several amazing missions, and each culture has its own unique features and Wonders
- Recreate epic historical battles, and affect the outcome to your liking
- More advanced AI makes the computer a much more difficult opponent

Instructions to install:

1. Install Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings the main game
2. Install Age of Empires II The Conquerors Add-On
3. Copy “age2_x1.exe” from crack folder to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\age2_x1”
4. Play.

System requirements:

Multimedia PC with Pentium 133 or higher processor, 32 MB RAM, 100 MB hard disk space, Microsoft Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 98, Windows XP, Super VGA, 256-color monitor supporting 800x600 resolution, Quad-speed CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device, 28.8Kbps modem or higher (recommended for Internet play), Internet access required for Internet play, Audio board with speakers or headphones. part1 part2 part3

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Age of Mythology The Titans

The lost civilization of Atlantis returns in “Age of Mythology: The Titans,” Ensemble Studios’ expansion to the hugely popular title, “Age of Mythology.” The expansion pack includes a new single-player campaign, scores of new mythological units, the ability to promote units to heroes, and, of course, the opportunity to harness the awesome powers of the Titans. The battle for heaven and earth continues as the Atlanteans enter the “Age of Mythology.

* Atlantean mythology. Gamers can take advantage of exclusive features that allow the Atlanteans to dominate their opponents. They can use their Titan god powers multiple times to demolish the opposition, promote selected units within the culture to hero status, and reap the benefits of a culture with new features, such as the ability to control time and space. They also can explore new maps and expand the “playground of the gods.”
* An extended story line. Age of Mythology: The Titans adds another important chapter to the franchise’s expansive folklore with new scenarios to explore and conquer. In-game cinematics help to integrate and further enrich the game’s story.
* A new victory condition. Gamers can create a Titan unit that dwarfs everyone else and employ it to wreak havoc and rain destruction on enemy civilizations.
* Additional powers, heroes and mythological units. Age of Mythology: The Titans brings the ancient world to life in more detail than ever before with exciting gameplay elements and characters. The expansion pack will unveil the incredible powers of the Titan gods, which can be unleashed by the Atlanteans who worship them. In addition, new myth units and human units allow gamers to build their civilization and go into battle in a nearly infinite number of ways.

Instructions to install:

1. Install Age of Mythology The Titans Add-On (Serial number included)
2. Open Crack Folder > Apply "aomx10to103" to update
3. Copy "aomx.exe" from Crack folder to "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology"
4. Play

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Age of Empires colection 2 free download

Age of Empires III

With all the talk of next generation consoles it's somewhat ironic that the most graphically impressive new game is actually PC real-time strategy title Age of Empires III. The last game in the series was a rather clinical looking 2D isometric game but this new iteration features some of the most complex, organic looking 3D graphics ever seen on any system. Thankfully the gameplay appears just as developed as you take control of a civilisation from around the time that Age of Empires II left off in the 16th century and continues up to 1850, as you battle to take control of the New World. Gameplay is actually split between the Americas though and your home city back in Europe, which you must also maintain and upgrade in order to keep the populace happy. The most exciting element though is undoubtedly the new combat system, where the dull and mechanical "tank rushes" of the previous games have been replaced with stunning looking battles of gunpowder and sword blades as you fight angry natives and rival colonisers. As is demanded of any PC game nowadays there's also a cool sounding multiplayer mode, with the eight different civilizations you can control allowing for a large variety of different play styles. That’s if you can actually gather your wits enough to form a strategy and stop ogling the frankly incredible looking graphics. -- Harrison DentThis preview is based on an incomplete version of the game; features or problems mentioned above may not appear in the finished game.


• Start out playing as the British and begin with a solid economy, or lead the French into an easy alliance with Native Americans - 8 total civilizations to choose from
• Work with Native Americans to your tactical advantage, for the first time ever
• Develop your own Home City, and customize it make it wealthier and more powerful as you take over Europe
• Explore the New World and create colonies while seeking out new resources and making allianes with the Native Americans
• Recover buried treasure from the Caribbean, hunt bison on the Great Plains, compete for trade routes and fortify the coast of New England

New Features Update v1.12.

• Added custom online scenario support for multiplayer games.
• Certain conditions, triggers and effects are usable while in ESO.
• Fixed some out-of-sync bugs.
• Added fixes to increase the detection of players using multiplayer hacks, cheats and
out-of-sync clients in online
• gameplay : Fixed the text of some cards, units and techs.

Balance Changes

• Spanish : Rodeleros hand attack reduced by 2 and increased bonus factor
versus cavalry from x3.0 to x3.5.
• Portuguese : Organ Guns improved versus buildings, siege bonus changed from
x0.5 to x0.75.
• Ottoman : Abus Gun train faster, time reduced 3 seconds, 42 down from 45.
• Germany : Improve Dopplesodner unit hitpoints by 30hp.
• Shipment rate improved from -14% to -10% (1.14 to 1.10)

General Changes

• Town Center wagons now build 33% faster. Train points up to 1.33 from 1.0.
• Town Centers get a negative bonus versus artillery.
• Added x.50 factor versus siege.
• Cavalry Archer improved by increasing their multiplier versus cavalry.
Up to x3.0 from x2.25.
• Improved Hussar, Cossack, and Uhlan ranged resistance armor by 0.10.

Minimum system requirements:

PIII 1.8GHz or equivalent, 512MB RAM, 2GB HD space, 128MB DirectX 3D video card
Recommended system:
P4 3.0GHz or equivalent, 1GB RAM, 256MB DirectX 3D video card

Instructions to install:

1. Install Age of Empires 3 Full Installation, Serial Number > Open Crack folder
2. Open Crack folder > "Apply aoe3-112-english" Patch.
3. Replace the original AGE3.EXE file with the one from the Crack folder.
4. Play the Game!

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Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties

The Asian Dynasties is a solid expansion that offers unique Asian civs and some other gameplay tweaks to Age of Empires III.

"Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties" is the second expansion pack for the massively popular "Age of Empires III" from Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studios, which has sold over 2.5 million copies to date. Engaging gamers of all ages and types in epic warfare in the Eastern world, "Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties" will lead Japanese, Chinese and Indian civilizations to expand their empires.
"Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties" is the latest installment in the award-winning "Age of Empires" franchise, developed collaboratively by Big Huge Games and Ensemble Studios for the Games for Windows platform.


• Playable Asian civilizations. Lead one of three unique Asian civilizations — Japan, China or India — to expand its empire and fight for control in the Eastern world. Each Asian civilization, led by powerful leaders, will have unique groups, armies and wonders, as well as buildings that reflect the culture's architectural style.
• New gameplay elements. Extending the innovative gameplay of "Age of Empires III," "Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties" will introduce new ways of winning and trading, random map styles that feature remixes of classic "Age of Empires" game styles, and 15 new Asian Wonders.
• Exciting new single-player campaign. Returning to the historical, civilization-based single-player campaigns, "Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties" will offer gamers who enjoy the solo experience a chance to engage in strategic combat with Japan, China or India through several engrossing scenarios.
• Expanding a successful formula. "Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties" is the second expansion pack for the massively popular "Age of Empires III," one of the fastest-selling titles in the franchise history, leading and innovating the real-time strategy genre through exciting and revolutionary gameplay features.
• Games for Windows franchise. This expansion pack will also ship as a Games for Windows title, offering easier installation, reliability standards and support for key features of Windows Vista, including the Games Explorer and Parental Controls.

Instructions to install :

1. Install Age of Empires 3 Full Installation.
2. Install Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties Full Installation.
3. Serial Number > Open Crack folder.
4. Open Crack Folder > Apply "Asian Dynasties v1.01 Patch"
5. Replace the original "AGE3Y.EXE" file with the one from the Crack folder.
6. Play the Game!

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Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs

The WarChiefs expansion adds some interesting new elements to the tried-and-true gameplay of Age of Empires III.

Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs is the new expansion pack for the best-selling real-time strategy (RTS) title of 2005, Age of Empires III from Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studios. Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs will engage gamers of all ages and types in epic warfare in the Americas where they will lead the proud, playable native civilizations to expand their empire and fight for control of the Americas. Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs is the latest installment in the award-winning Age of Empires franchise and continues Ensemble's stellar track record of delivering innovative RTS games experiences.


• Playable Native American civilizations. Lead one of three proud Native American civilizations, including the Iroquois Confederacy and the Sioux Nation, to expand their empires and fight for control of the Americas. Each Native American civilization will have its own unique units, led by the powerful WarChief unit, buildings reflecting each culture's architectural style, and a distinct approach to their Home City feature.
• Gripping new single-player campaign. Age of Empires: The WarChiefs will introduce a new single-player campaign that continues the saga from Age of Empires III. Play through 15 new missions with a rich story and a cast of characters that interact with real historic figures and events.
• Enhancements to European civilizations. The expansion pack will also provide exciting additions to existing European civilizations, with new Home City content, new units including new mercenaries, and new ways to look at your card deck.
• Extended gameplay. Gamers will experience more of everything, including new random maps in unique locations in the Americas not featured in the original Age of Empires III, additional native allies and units, more statistics tracking, and new ways to play.

1. Install Age of Empires 3 - Full Installation.
2. Install Age of Empires 3: The WarChiefs Full Installation.
3. Serial Number > Open Crack folder
4. Open Crack folder > "Apply WarChiefs v1.04 Patch"
5. Replace the original "AGE3X.EXE" file with the one from the Crack folder.
6. Play the Game!

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Stronghold Colection Free Download and Full



Stronghold is both a real-time combat game that focuses entirely on castle sieges and a village-management simulation in the vein of Zeus or The Settlers. The subject matter alone gives Stronghold a leg up. It’s been years since a game let you pour boiling oil on invading hordes, and Stronghold simulates castle sieges well enough to recommend it to those who are interested in the premise. But it’s a hesitant recommendation, due to a poor interface and mediocre campaigns.
With enough archers, defending your castle can be a simple task.
There are two campaigns, one military and one economic. The economic campaign is made up of a handful of timed missions in which you must acquire a certain target amount of goods or gold. Occasional threats in the form of bandits and animals will require you to maintain a basic militia, but the mission goals are always economic. This campaign only serves to highlight the fact that as a management simulation, the game is pretty shallow. You build woodcutters, farmers, and miners, and the goods are brought to your storehouse. You build secondary producers, who use these goods to produce weapons and food.

Download StrongHold:

Stronghold Deluxe

This is the original game of Stronghold patched to version 1.2. It also includes additional maps based on sieges, economic missions and invasions. Historical maps included enable you to reconstruct sieges of famous strongholds such as Camelot, Mordred’s fortress, Tintagel, Edinburgh, Koblenz Stolzenfels and the Tower of London.

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Stronghold Crusader

System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows™ 98/ME/2000/XP
CPU: Pentium™ II 300MHz (550MHz preferred)
CD-ROM: 8X Speed
Hard Drive Space: 850MB
Graphics: DirectX 7.0 compatible 4MB video card
Sound Card: DirectX 7.0 compatible sound card

1. Download
2. Burn or mount ISO to CD
3. Install
4. Play

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StronghoLd 2

System: 1.4GHz CPU or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Video Memory: 32 MB
Hard Drive Space: 2500 MB

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Stronghold Legends is a castle-based real-time strategy game by Firefly Studios. It follows in the series of Stronghold and Stronghold 2.

Unlike the previous Stronghold titles, Legends gives the player a choice of different starting rulers all with different troop types (including King Arthur and his knights of the round table, Count Vlad Dracul , and Siegfried of Germany). Other new features include the ability to play multi-player versus CPU controlled opponents. Also, for the first time, you can choose between different game play modes for online play, including death-match, king of the hill, economic war, and capture the flag. Stronghold Legends brings a new mythical element into the game.

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Dora and Diego Games Free Download

Dora Saves The Snow Princess

This game is a fairy tale adventure and a big hit with Dora fans. Use your mouse to move Dora and Pegasus through the forest to collect the Snow Princess's magic snowflakes. There are different-colored snowflakes with different values, and in the second and third parts of the games there are pink, sticky clouds that slow you down and rainy clouds that take your snowflakes--so watch out! Oh, and there are a couple of mean witches flying around too! The game has three stages that get increasingly more difficult.

Parent Tip: Be sure to play until the end where there is an original printable of Dora and Pegasus!


Go, Diego, Go!: Safari Rescue

Jambo! Diego Alicia and Baby Jaguar are visiting their friend Juma in Africa. Juma tells them the story of the elephants - once upon a time a Mean Magician turned all of the elephants into rocks with his Magic Wand. But there's a drum hidden in a cave on top of the Tall Mountain that will break the spell and wake up all the elephants. Join Diego Alicia and Baby Jaguar on a fun safari adventure as they set out ...


Fun Games Free Download


Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack

In Diner Dash: Seasonal Snack Pack, stroll down memory lane with Grandma and Flo as they reminisce about their favorite seasons! If you think the denizens of Dinertown like to have a good time when they stop by Flo's, you should see them really party! Journey through the seasons with stops at five new restaurants: Coral Cove Café, Crypt Café, Hometown Harvest, Winter Wonderland, and Romantic Rendezvous! It's all your favorite seasons, wrapped up in a pretty Diner Dash package!


Diner Dash - Flo Through Time

Join Flo and your favorite DinerTown™ residents on a hilarious, harrowing, and heroic journey through the very fabric of time! It all starts when Grandma Florence tinkers with the diner microwave, turning it into a powerful time machine! If you think you're good at time-management, you need to play this all-new episodes collection and see if you have what it takes to become the best DASH™ game player of all time! Play 5 new restaurants with 10 levels each:

  • Serve up saber tooth burgers in the Caveman Café
  • Feed the Nile in style at the Pharaoh's Feast
  • Doth thou want fries with that? Chivalry lives in the All Knight Diner!
  • Feed th' crew or walk th' plank in the Buccaneer Bistro. Yar!
  • Join the sky-high futuristic fun-fest in the Snack to the Future Diner!

Supermarket Mania

It's Nikki`s first day of work at TORG Corp., a supermarket run by robots. She`s a bit on edge. Step in and help her stock shelves to the rafters to keep customers happy. Nikki must stay on her stylish toes and clean spills promptly, otherwise the rival superstore will shut your store down. Enjoy 50 manic, yet fun-filled levels in Supermarket Mania, everyones favorite one-stop shop.

  • Time Management mania
  • Accessories and upgrades
  • Stock `til you drop!


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