Windows XP SP3 Kamaleon Dark Green 2008

This windows is acitved , No need of Key.
KB873333 KB873339 KB885222 KB885250 KB885626
KB885835 KB885836 KB886185 KB887472 KB887742
KB887797 KB888111 KB888113 KB888302 KB889527
KB890046 KB890830 KB890859 KB891781 KB893086
KB893357 KB893756 KB894391 KB896256 KB896358
KB896422 KB896423 KB896424 KB896428 KB896688
KB897663 KB898461 KB899587 KB899588 KB899589
KB899591 KB900485 KB900725 KB900930 KB901017
KB901214 KB902400 KB904412 KB904706 KB904942
KB905414 KB905474 KB905749 KB905915 KB906569
KB907865 KB908519 KB908521 KB908531 KB909095
KB909520 KB910437 KB911280 KB911562 KB911567
KB911927 KB912812 KB912919 KB913446 KB913580
KB914388 KB914389 KB914440 KB916281 KB916595
KB916846 KB917344 KB917953 KB918005 KB918118
KB918439 KB918899 KB918997 KB919007 KB920213
KB920214 KB920342 KB920670 KB920683 KB920685
KB920872 KB921398 KB921883 KB922582 KB922616
KB922760 KB922819 KB923191 KB923414 KB923689
KB923980 KB924191 KB924270 KB924667 KB924867
KB925454 KB925486 KB925902 KB926247 KB926255
KB926436 KB927779 KB927802 KB927891 KB928090
KB928255 KB928388 KB928843 KB929120 KB929123
KB929338 KB929969 KB930178 KB930916 KB931261
KB931784 KB931836 KB933566 KB935448 KB935839
KB935840 KB936357 KB938828 KB939373
Aplications :
1. .Net Framework 1.1 SP1 (+Up)
2. .Net Framework 2 (+Up)
3. Adobe Reader 7.0.8
4. Opera 9.0
5. Java RE Version 6
6. Live Messenger 8
7. Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 (+Up)
8. Mozilla Firefox + Plugins
9. Nero Burning Rom Lite
10. NOD32 Antivirus System 2.70.39
11. Windows Media Player 11
12. PowerDVD 7 Deluxe
13. TuneUp Utilities 2007 6.0.2200.0
14. Winamp 5.35 Pro + MMD3 Theme
15. WinRAR 3.70
16. Ad-Aware SE Professional
17. Visualtask
18. Flash y Shockwave
19. Activation system restore

• .Net Framework 1.1 SP1 (+ Actived)
• .Net Framework 2 (+ Actived)
• Internet Explorer 7 (+ 4 Actived) - inclunce KB929969 KB931768 KB933566
Roots-Update: KB933566
• Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 (+ Up) - much Actived
• Mozilla Firefox + Plugins
• Nero Burning Rom Lite - version basis - inclunce Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express

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